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Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2014 ("the FOI Act") gives members of the public the right to access records held by public bodies which are subject to the FOI Act ("FOI bodies"), and, in some circumstances, to amend records containing personal information held by FOI bodies and to seek reasons for decisions of FOI bodies.


Gas Networks Ireland is subject to the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2014.


The FOI Act provides for the following rights: 

1. the right to access records held by FOI bodies;

2. the right to have records held by FOI bodies which contain personal information relating to the requester amended where it is incomplete, incorrect or misleading;

3. the right, in certain circumstances, to be given reasons for decisions made or taken by FOI bodies that affect them.


The FOI Act contains exemptions which mean that, where certain circumstances arise, the requested information will not be released, for example: to protect another individual's privacy rights.  If any exemptions are applicable, the reasons for the application of the exemption will be provided and explained to you by the Gas Networks Ireland FOI Unit.


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