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Our commitment to our customers

We are committed to putting our customers first. We make every effort to provide our services in a prompt, efficient and safe manner and to a high standard. This commitment is reflected in our customer charter and our codes of practice.

Our customer charter benchmarks the performance standards that we strive to achieve and provides assurance to our customers of our commitment to these standards.

Our codes of practice outline the procedures and processes Gas Networks Ireland adheres to in each of the relevant areas.

To download any of these publications please click on the relevant link below

  Customer charter and codes of practice 

Customer charter English version (PDF 258KB)  

Customer charter Irish version (PDF 248KB)

Customer charter Polish version (PDF 283KB)          

Customer charter Russian version (PDF 271KB)      

Customer charter Chinese version (PDF 555KB)      

Customer charter French version (PDF 267KB)  

Customer charter English HTML version (17KB)

Vulnerable customers guide English version (160KB)       

Vulnerable customer guide Irish version (PDF 165KB)      

Vulnerable customer guide Polish version (PDF 165KB) 

Vulnerable customer guide Russian version (PDF 165KB) 

Vulnerable customer guide Chinese version (PDF 415KB) 

Vulnerable customer guide French version (PDF 165KB)

Vulnerable customers guide English HTML version (15KB)

Customer complaint handling English version (PDF 150KB)                                                                                 Customer Complaint handling Irish version (PDF 165KB) 

Customer complaint handling Polish version (PDF 180KB)  

Customer complaint handling Russian version (PDF 170KB) 

Customer complaint handling Chinese version (PDF 385KB) 

Customer complaint handling French version (PDF 160KB)   

Customer complaint handling English HTML version (15KB)

Disconnection code of practice English version (PDF 195KB)

Disconnection code of practice Irish version (PDF 185KB)

Disconnection code of practice Polish version (PDF 210KB)

Disconnection code of practice Russian version (PDF 190KB)

Disconnection code of practice Chinese version (PDF 275KB)

Disconnection code of practice French version (PDF 202KB)


Disconnection code of practice HTML (20KB) 
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