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Natural Gas in Transport

Gas Networks Ireland are delivering the future of sustainable transport in Ireland.

High emissions and the rising cost of transport has led to a shift in focus from the traditional transport fuels of diesel and petrol to look at other alternative fuels. Compressed Natural Gas offers a solution to Ireland’s transport fuel needs.

What is Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)?

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is the same efficient and affordable fuel that is used to generate our electricity, heat our homes and cook our food; it is simply compressed to fit in the fuel tank of a natural gas vehicle.
  • CNG is a global alternative to diesel or petrol as a transport fuel.
  • CNG has similar refuelling and operational characteristics to diesel, providing fast filling and similar travel ranges. It is used as a transport fuel in Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) and is a proven, reliable technology used in over 19 million vehicles worldwide.

 Why choose CNG as a transport fuel?

Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel available. Our continued need for energy and the heightened awareness of our environmental responsibilities has undoubtedly elevated the value of natural gas in our lives.

Cleaner Cheaper Proven

The use of natural gas instead of more polluting fuels like diesel and petrol will result in considerably lower emissions of climate changing greenhouse gases.

Fuel cost savings of up to 35% can be achieved using CNG making it an extremely attractive alternative fuel source.

CNG is a proven, reliable, and safe technology with over 19 million vehicles in operation worldwide.

The chemical properties of CNG compared to diesel contain significantly less polluting and harmful substances as outlined below:

The Irish Government’s Finance Bill has confirmed that a set excise duty of €9.36 per megawatt hour will be applied to CNG for the next 8 years reflecting their commitment to promoting less polluting transport fuels.

 There has also been strong growth in the developing European market recently with over 1.9million vehicles in operation.

  •  20% less CO2
  • 70% less nitrogen oxide
  • 80% less sulphur dioxide
  • 99% less particulate matter



Additional Benefits:

  1. Renewable - it is a pathway to renewable biomethane gas
  2. NGVs experience less vibration and are quieter than equivalent diesel vehicles
  3. NGV refuelling times are equivalent to that of other fuels such as diesel and petrol
  4. Natural gas is always available and never has to be stored or ordered
  5. Natural gas remains competitively priced compared to the fluctuating price of other fuels.
  6. Alternative - increases security of energy supply in a geo-politically sensitive oil market

For additional information please read our Natural Gas In Transport Brochure PDF 867KB

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