• If you smell gas call
  • 1850 20 50 50
  • 24hr emergency service
  • Customer service
  • 1850 200 694

Connecting your home

The following illustration shows you the steps required to connect your home to the natural gas network.

an image of How to get your home connected - an infograhic of the process


We have created a short video showing you the steps involved in getting connected.


For enquiries on connecting to the natural gas network please fill out the New Gas Connection Enquiry Form or call Gas Networks Ireland on 1850 200 694 or email networksinfo@gasnetworks.ie

If gas is available you may need to pay a connection charge.

You must contact a Registered Gas Installer(RGI) to do the internal work in your home. Check the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) website to see if any grant is available for this work.

Then, sign up with a natural gas supplier.

When the above steps are completed, we will fit your meter and you can begin using gas

Read our Connecting your home brochure (PDF 3.2MB) for more information. This information is also available in a plain text document, Connecting your home HTML (22KB)

Our brochure is also available in the following languages;

 Irish: Do bhaile a cheangal

 Polish: Przyłączenie Twojego domu

 Russian: Подключение вашего дома

 Chinese: 连接您的家

 French: Raccorder votre foyer

Please view the Terms and conditions (PDF 82KB)  for gas users to understand the services you can expect from Gas Networks Ireland.  Also available to download in plain text format, Terms and conditions HTML (16KB) If you require a gas connection move onto the next step If you already have a gas connection, skip to the next step You're connected! Contact Gas Networks Ireland fits your meter You're connected! Call an approved installer to do the internal pipework Gas Networks Ireland unlocks your meter Quotation & connection from Gas Networks Ireland Signup with a supplier If you require a gas connection then move onto these steps If you have a gas connection already installed then move onto this step Contact Gas Networks Ireland to enquire Check the network map in your area