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The benefits of natural gas

Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel available. Our continued need for energy and the heightened awareness of our environmental responsibilities has elevated the value of natural gas in our lives.

Natural gas is the cleanest, cheapest and most convenient fuel available. Today, 647,000 homes enjoy the wide range of benefits that natural gas offers:

  • Cheaper – up to 25% less than oil and 70% less than electricity
  • Cleaner – the cleanest fossil fuel available
  • Convenient – always on, no need to order, store or pre-pay
  • Versatile – use it for heating, cooking, instant hot water and more

1. Natural gas is cheaper

Natural gas offers significant savings on electricity, LPG and oil. The savings you will make from switching to natural gas depend on the fuel that you are switching from:

  • Up to 78% saving on switching from electricity*
  • Up to 73% saving on switching from LPG tanks*
  • Up to 27% saving on switching from oil*

*Savings that can be made with best quotes from Bonkers.ie for energy suppliers in the market valid on 29/03/2016

2. Natural gas is cleaner

Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel available. Natural gas is cleaner and more efficient than other fuels helping to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your home’s energy rating. 

For the same energy output natural gas produces:

  • 24% less emissions than oil
  • 11% less emissions than LPG
  • 56% less emissions than electricity
  • 40% less emissions than coal

Source: SEAI 2016 

3. Natural gas is more convenient

Enjoy a constant and uninterrupted supply piped direct to your home without the hassle of ordering or schedule deliveries. No need for bulky fuel tanks and storage areas freeing up extra garden space to enjoy. No need for the large upfront costs of filling a storage tank, instead be able to spread the cost on a per usage basis month by month with your gas utility provider. Natural gas cannot be beaten for speed and controllability with instant hot water, remote controlled flame-effect fires and central heating zoning. 

4. Natural gas is so versatile

Choosing to switch to natural gas offers much more than just an efficient central heating system, you can also use it for cooking, tumble drying, modern real flame fires, outdoor gas lighting and even BBQs.

Get connected to natural gas

If you are interested in connecting your home to natural gas fill out our New Gas Connection Enquiry form and a member of our New Connections team will contact you with information on the cost and timelines.


Get Connected to Natural Gas

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