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Carbon monoxide alarms

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless and poisonous gas that can be produced by any appliance that burns a fossil fuel such as oil, coal or gas.

Regular inspection and maintenance of appliances, vents, flues and chimneys are the best ways to protect you and your family from this hidden danger.

For added protection install an audible carbon monoxide alarm. Make sure the alarm:

  • Complies with European Standard EN 50291.
  • Carries the CE mark and a mark of independent certification (e.g. Kitemark).
  • Is marked with an ‘end of life’ indicator.
  • More than one alarm may be required to offer full protection.
  • Test your alarm regularly and replace it when it reaches the end of its life. 

Remember, a carbon monoxide alarm is not a substitute for a smoke alarm. 

Some registered gas installers will supply and fit carbon monoxide alarms in addition to servicing your appliances. 

If fitting the alarm yourself,  follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


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