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Meter positions and locations for pipe work

When connecting to natural gas, only certain locations and positions are permitted for the installation of your natural gas meter and meter box.

Meter box/cabinet

Meters are generally contained in a meter box or meter cabinet located outside your premises

Meter box on wall in garden outside house

Meter boxes will usually contain one meter
and are used for single dwellings (i.e. a typical house).

A meter cabinet containing 6 meters

Meter cabinets contain a number of meters
and are used for multiple dwellings (e.g. apartment blocks).

 Please see our meter key section if you require a meter key.

Meter position

The meter box can be placed:

  • At the front gable end wall, at a maximum of 2 metres from the front corner of the building.
  • At the front wall of the building - on either side of the front door, or on either side of a sealed window.
  • On the boundary wall of the property.
  • Adjacent to an electricity meter.

 Meter box located in correct position1

Meter located in correct position2

 The meter box cannot be placed:

  •  At the back of the house or behind a gate.
  • Directly above the drains, airbricks, manholes or electricity meter.
  • Directly under appliance flues, windows that open or electricity meter.
  • In a porch or under an overhang which is enclosed or could be enclosed.
  • Where it is liable to cause an obstruction or be subject to mechanical damage.
  • Where access to the meter box may be restricted in an emergency e.g. narrow path.

              Meter located in a wrong position     Meter located in wrong position2

    The meter location guide (PDF 2.8MB) (also available as the meter location guide HTML version) can help residential and small business customers (with a gas consumption of up to 73,300 kWhs) who are installing a new gas meter or moving an existing one. It includes information on:

    • Meter box types
    • Where to locate your meter
    • Where not to locate your meter
    • Internal meters
    • Reinstatement
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