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Meter readings

Your meter will be read four times a year, depending on access to your meter, and estimated twice a year.  It is important that you provide access to your meter as estimations are based on your previous meter read history and other factors such as temperature and weather patterns. 

If you miss a meter reader, he will leave a no access card (PDF 205KB) . This card will show you how to read your meter.

To ensure your gas bills are accurate and your readings are estimated correctly, you should submit a meter reading within four days of the meter reader's visit so it can be sent to your supplier before your bill is issued.

See submit your meter reading section for more information

Our meter readers will always carry an identity card with their photograph on it.  If you have any doubts about the identity of the meter reader, please call us on 1850 200 694.  Meter Reader


Below is a short video detailing how to read your meter and how to submit your meter reading.

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