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Guide to prepayment meter HTML version

Customer Information Booklet
Page 1.

Cover Page. Page Title: A guide to your prepayment gas meter

Page 2.

Page Title: Your gas card meter and gas card

Image of prepayment gas card meter showing Button A, Card Slot, Display and Button B.

This diagram illustrates your prepayment gas card meter. Displays are activated by pressing button A or by inserting a Gas Meter Card. The last display selected remains visible for 30 seconds.
Your meter will display two information screens:

  • Credit screen – Press button A once to access the credit screen which shows the amount
    of credit remaining on the meter. (Image of screen showing €13.82 ON)
  • Owed screen – Press button A twice to access the owed screen which shows the arrears you owe
    for unpaid Emergency Credit and Service Charges. (Image of screen showing €0.00 OWED ON)

Your Gas Card
The prepay meter Gas Card is illustrated right.
You will receive this with your meter. Please look after your Gas Card as you will be charged for a
replacement. Replacement cards can be purchased at any Payzone outlet. If you are using a replacement
Gas Card, any previous cards will not work in the meter. Unused credit on previous Gas Cards may be claimed by contacting your supplier.

Purchasing Credit
When you receive your new Gas Card, please insert it into the meter before you buy credit for the first time.

  • Leave your Gas Card in the meter for at least fifteen seconds.
  • Please check the opening times of the Payzone outlets where you can buy credit. You can contact your Gas Supplier for a list of outlets in your area or log on to www.payzone.ie/outlets


Page 3

Page Title: using your gas card

Inserting Credit
1. Insert your Gas Card
[When inserting your Gas Card, ensure that the gold-coloured chip on the card is facing towards the meter display].
2. The display will show the value of credit on the card.
3. To transfer your money to the meter, press red button A. At this point any debt you owe will be deducted. Some of the credit you have bought will always be added to the ‘CREDIT’ screen.
4. If the shut-off valve inside your meter has been closed, the display will show ‘OFF’.
The meter will ask you to check that your appliances are switched off. This is a safety
requirement. Check that ALL appliances are turned OFF. Then press and hold button A to
open the valve in the meter.
5. Continue to hold Button A until the display changes.
6. Now release Button A.
7. Follow instructions until screen indicates ON. Your gas is now ready to use.
8. Inserting Credit – Timeout. Remove the card, reinsert it and start from the beginning.

Page 4

Page Title: using your gas card

Emergency Credit

Once the credit on the meter drops to a low level you may be offered ‘Emergency Credit’.
This can be borrowed until you can buy some more credit. When you want to use your Emergency Credit, insert your Gas Card into the meter. When the Emergency Credit is offered, you can accept it by pressing the red Button A.

If you use any of the Emergency Credit, you must pay it all back before you can borrow the whole amount again.

If you wish to see how much Emergency Credit you have used and owe, remove the Gas Card and press and release red button A.
We advise customers to keep their meter topped up with credit to avoid the possibility of running out of gas at an inconvenient time.

Standing Charge
A daily Standing Charge is deducted from your credit every day at 2am. This is part of the prepayment meter tariff paid to your Gas Supplier. If you have no credit left on the meter, the daily Standing Charge will be added to the amount shown on the ‘OWED’ screen and will be recovered when credit is inserted.

Please note that even when gas is not in use e.g. during the summer months, the standing charge still applies.

Page 5

Page Title: additional meter information

You may view information regarding your meter on the Display Screens. To access the display screens press and hold the red button A until you hear a ‘beep’. To move through screens keep pressing the button A. Please note: If you have gas debt, your Gas Card must be inserted to view screens 23 – 31.
Image showing Commonly Used Display Screens

00 How much money you last put into the meter
01 Last amount of money taken for debt
02 Last amount of money taken to repay Emergency Credit
03 Last amount given for gas
17 Daily Standing Charge
21 Amount of money you must have on your meter before Emergency Credit will be offered
22 Amount of Emergency Credit that you will be offered
27 Gas Debt Remaining
32 Your customer reference number

Page 6

Page Title: gas card issues

If your meter will not accept your Gas Card, take it out, wipe it with a clean cloth and try again.

If it still does not work, press the red button A. If it shows 0.00 on card, you will need to return to the shop where you purchased the credit as the card has not been credited correctly.

If Card Fail/Card not accepted appears on the display screen, ensure that you are using the correct Gas Card.

Note: Your Gas Card should not be left in the meter as this will run down your battery

No Gas
1. Press the red button A.
2. If your screen displays as indicated right (Image to the right of text showing €12.85 ON), your gas is ON so check your appliances. You may need to have your appliances serviced by a Registered gas Installer. You can get a list of RGIs on www.rgii.ie or by ringing us on 1850 200 694.
3. If your screen displays as indicated right, (Image to the right of text showing €12.85 OFF), you can open the valve with your Gas Card to access this credit. (See page 3 for instructions)
4. If your screen displays as indicated right, (Image to the right of text showing €0.00 CREDIT OFF), you must purchase credit or use your emergency credit if it has not already been taken.
5. If screen displays as indicated right, (Image to the right of text showing CARD NOT ACCEPTED), clean your card and try again. Make sure you are using the correct card for this meter.
6. If your screen displays as indicated right, (Image to the right of text showing CARD FAIL),purchase new card. (When a new card is purchased, it must be put into the meter to be initialised before credit can be put onto it).
7. If the Display Screen displays as indicated right, (Image to the right of text showing CALL HELP), you must call us on 1850 200 694.

Page 7

Page Title: Moving House
If you are moving house, don’t forget to contact your Gas Supplier at least 48 hours before you move.

Page 8

Page Title: further assistance
For further assistance:
If you have any queries or problems with regards to the operation of your Gas Card meter, please contact our Gas Networks Ireland Customer Care Team on:
1850 200 694
Monday to Friday 8.00 to 20.00
Saturday 9.00 to 17.30
If you have any questions regarding debt recovery or lost credit, please contact your Gas Supplier. You should find their telephone number on recent correspondence and on their website.
If you smell gas please call our 24hr Emergency Service 1850 20 50 50

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