The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel

Combined Heat and Power unit reduces operating costs and emissions for Kilkenny hotel.

Background Information

Located in Kilkenny City, The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel offers 118 guest bedrooms, with leisure centre facilities, swimming pool, meeting rooms and conference venue.

This hotel invested in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology 16 years ago to reduce operating costs and has recently upgraded this unit.

The Kilkenny Ormonde hotel and leisure centre wished to generate energy efficiencies and financial savings. In 2016 the hotel upgraded its Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit to more accurately reflect its heating and electrical requirements with impressive results.

"Our strategy was to invest in a more appropriately sized unit, with the knowledge and experience of the savings that could be earned. We are extremely happy with this new investment which has provided a number of benefits including on-site electricity generation, greater uptime, further efficiency gains, financial savings and fewer maintenance costs."

Colin Ahern, General Manager


€47,000 annual energy saving

3 years to payback on investment

312 tonnes CO2  reduction per annum

65% of total heat demands satisfied by CHP


40% of total electrical demands satisfied by CHP


+ 25% increase of total uptime since installation

What is CHP?

CHP, also known as " Co-Generation", is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat, usually in the form of hot water or steam from a primary fuel such as natural gas  (see figure 1) . Electricity is generated on site by using natural gas to drive an alternator connected to the engine.

Applications of CHP

The heat from exhaust fumes generated by the engine is harvested to provide heating and hot water to the hotel and leisure centre, while some of the energy within the hot water can also be used to provide cooling and air conditioning by using absorption.

Upgrading for efficiencies

Having previous experience with CHP the team at the Kilkenny Ormonde hotel invested in a new unit which was specifically tailored to their requirements across the hotel and leisure centre. This upgraded unit would ensure longer up times and better financial savings based on data they had accumulated over 16 years. The unit was supplied within a containerised package and placed on the roof to reduce noise. The CHP unit satisfies 65% of the total heat demands and 40% of the total electrical demands.

Why CHP?

Due to potential inefficiencies in electricity generation and the resulting cost of electricity from energy suppliers, significant savings can be made by generating electricity to meet requirements on your own site. The financial benefits of onsite electricity generation (using natural gas to power the electricity generator) are evident by comparing daytime electricity prices in Ireland of circa 12.34/kWh with market natural gas prices of 4.08 cent/kWh (SEAI, April 2016 including VAT and relevant taxes).

Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel Case Study PDF

Technical Team - Temp Tech

Consultant CHP  Design Engineer

CHP Maintenance Contractors

Robert Brockert

Temptech, Unit 9,

Childers Road Industrial Estate, Limerick

Tel: 086 772 6887


Declan Ryan

Temptech, Unit 9,

Childers Road Industrial Estate, Limerick

Tel: 086 811 6266


Kilenny Ormonde Hotel

Contact Information

Colin Ahene

General Manager

Ormonde Street, Co Kilkenny

Tel: +353 56 7750200

Email: reservations@kilkenny