The Green Connect Project

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The Green Connect Project

The Green Connect Project will build on the European Union (EU) supported Causeway Project and provide additional infrastructure to the national compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling network situated along the Core TEN-T road network. The planned delivery of a network of public CNG stations, four renewable gas injection facilities and the deployment of four mobile CNG refuelling stations will support the decarbonisation of Ireland’s transport sector and provide a reliable, proven and viable alternative to diesel for Irish fleet operators.

Green Connect objectives

While heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and buses account for 3% of vehicles on Irish roads, they generate 20% of Ireland’s transport emissions. Studies show that switching from diesel to CNG can reduce well-to-well carbon emissions by up to 22% (full life cycle from source to use).

The Green Connect Project will support the continued growth of Ireland's CNG refuelling network through the construction of a network of public CNG refuelling stations supplemented with four CNG refuelling units that can be utilised as back-up solutions. These refuelling stations are an important aspect of the mass market roll-out of CNG in Ireland. The delivery of the new CNG refuelling stations and mobile units will provide existing and future customers with enhanced coverage and flexibility for their refuelling needs.


While immediate carbon emissions reductions can be realised by switching to CNG today, more significant savings are coming, as renewable gas is now flowing onto the national gas network

The Green Connect Project aims to further support the decarbonisation of the transport sector via the building of four renewable gas injection facilities. Each of these facilities will inject renewable gas into the gas transmission and distribution network, which will in turn feed the CNG stations and help deliver a net-zero carbon transport sector. These injection facilities will be located at four sites across Ireland and will be fed by a variety of feedstocks including farm and food wastes.

Support for the commercial transport sector is provided through the CNG Vehicle Grant Scheme, which assists applicants in funding their transition from conventional diesel fuelled vehicles to new, cleaner CNG vehicles.

EU Support

The Green Connect Project is co-financed by the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). CEF is a transport and infrastructure program within the European Commission which focuses on sustainable, efficient, multi-modal transport across key European corridors.