Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund is intended to promote and accommodate an environment of innovation in the gas industry.

The Innovation Fund is intended to promote and accommodate an environment of innovation in the gas industry by engaging with key stakeholders in order to share knowledge and leverage the best use of all resources. It is intended that the Innovation Fund would foster creativity, tailor innovation and consider solutions that meet gas industry needs, embedding innovation in the GNI organisation and the gas industry.

The Innovation Fund:

Under the third price control (PC3) the CRU approved the establishment of an Innovation Fund by GNI to support innovation in the gas industry.


The aim of the fund is to provide support across research and demonstration and balance the level of funding available for each, based on a projects potential to deliver the goals of the fund. To facilitate this approach the fund has been divided into a number of broad categories:

  • Administration & Programme management
  • Research
  • Biogas
  • Compressed Natural Gas


The Innovation Fund is administered and Chaired by GNI with the Gas Innovation Group (GIG) acting as advisors to the fund. The GIG is comprised of representatives from academia, industry and policy. The members of the GIG include:

  • Gas Networks Ireland
  • University College Cork
  • National University of Ireland Galway
  • Economic and Social Research Institute
  • Dept. of Transport Tourism and Sport
  • Cork Institute of Technology
  • National Economic and Social Council

Funding requests submitted to the Innovation Fund for support are reviewed by the GIG. The GIG then advise the Chair in relation to a grant decision. The Chair is responsible for the approval of all fund requests. Funds awarded will only be released once an agreed contract is in place.

Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals seeking funding under the Innovation Fund are assessed under certain criteria depending on whether they relate to research or non-research. These criteria are as follows:

Projects (other than research)

  • Increase grid utilisation;
  • Provide a reliable and secure supply of gas;
  • Provide long term benefits to the gas customer;
  • Transition to low emissions
  • Promote and enhance energy savings;
  • Project management capability; and
  • Value for money.

Research Projects

  • Scientific excellence
  • Potential academic impact
  • Potential practical application in industry
  • Project management capability / track record
  • Value for money

Each project is scored on each of the relevant criteria identified above. The GIG will review each project proposal and attribute a consensus score to each.


Completed applications should be converted to a pdf and submitted electronically together with a cover letter to

The relevant applications are:
Small Project
Large Project
Small Research
Large Research
Please address questions relating to this application to: