Request for Information from Biomethane Producers

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Gas Networks Ireland has commenced a Request for Information (RFI) from biomethane producers. We are inviting all interested parties to help us plan for Ireland’s national gas network, one of the safest and most modern renewables-ready gas networks in the world.

This RFI will identify new and feasible biomethane production projects to supply biomethane to the Irish gas network. This information will be used to prepare plans for gas network developments to facilitate both the most economic delivery of biomethane to our customers and the most economic connections to producers.

Gas network operators are key stakeholders in relation to the development of a biomethane industry and, most notably, planning of biomethane integration into the network. The RFI will, therefore, provide information to build on on-going dialogue with Irish policymakers to plan a gas network fit for future needs to support customers and industries.

Please read our overview document for further detail about the RFI process and planned outputs of the study.

RFI overview document
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How to submit a RFI response

To share information about your planned development, please submit your response by completing our online RFI response form. Responses in relation to this RFI must be received by 19th December 2022.

Alternatively, you can download and email a completed response form to or post a hardcopy to the address below.

Gas Networks Ireland,
Gasworks Road,
T12 RX96.

Please mark all email and postal correspondence with the title ‘Biomethane RFI’.

Please note that submissions received will be treated in the strictest confidence by Gas Networks Ireland and will only be used for the purposes set out in the RFI. The results will be aggregated and anonymised for reporting purposes.

Please be advised that Gas Networks Ireland is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2014 and the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations 2007 to 2018.  For further information on how Gas Networks Ireland process and store data, please refer to our privacy policy.  If you have any further queries, please email

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RFI relevant projects

Gas Networks Ireland is inviting responses from biomethane producers in Ireland covering:
  • Agricultural waste – farm operators or other agricultural businesses
  • Waste management businesses
  • Biogas from industrial or food and beverage process wastes – food and/or beverage processing businesses and other industries that use or process organic material
  • Forestry waste products
  • Other – entrepreneurs or business professionals who can facilitate the development of biomethane production from any of the above listed or other organic material sources (e.g. large organic waste collection facilities).

Biomethane RFI Information Session

Gas Networks Ireland will be holding an RFI information session at the Clayton Hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin on Tuesday, 29th November to provide potential respondents with the opportunity to learn more about the RFI process and the planned output of the study. Attending this information session is not mandatory for participation in the RFI but may assist in compiling a response.

To register and obtain further information about the agenda, please visit our dedicated biomethane RFI event page.

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Connection of biomethane producers to the gas network

Gas network operators are key stakeholders in respect of the development of a biomethane industry, both creating the conditions for sustainable and safe injection of biomethane into the network as well as planning future biomethane integration into the gas grid. Over the coming years, Gas Networks Ireland will need to provide connections and injection facilities to support Ireland in meeting the increased biomethane 2030 production target. Gas Networks Ireland facilitates biomethane injection into the gas network via two types of connection – direct connections and central grid injections. Please read our connections booklet for further detail about the connection process for biomethane producers.

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