Community relations

Developing and maintaining good relationships are key for the success of any construction project. At Gas Networks Ireland, we act in a responsible and proactive manner on all projects and engage with those who might be impacted at each stage of the process. In addition, we organise information events in the locality, providing updates on projects to ensure that the community is engaged and given the opportunity to raise any concerns.

On infrastructure projects, we employ a team of Agricultural Liaison Officers (ALOs) to liaise with landowners through each stage of the process from initial landowner identification, through construction to the reinstatement of the land.

Land traversed by pipelines is reinstated to its original state following construction. This includes levelling sub-soil; spreading of topsoil over spread, tilling topsoil and re-sowing grass; reinstating fences and building walls. The ALO continues to monitor the quality of reinstatement to ensure land is restored to its original condition. We remain in contact with individual landowners and update landowner records, as appropriate, in the event of changed ownership, etc.