Frequently asked questions

Please refer to the frequently asked questions below.

You can ask for any of the following:

  • any record relating to you personally, whenever created:
  • all other records created after 21st April, 2008.

A record includes a book or other written or printed material which is in any form, including records held on any electronic device.  This includes a map, plan or drawing, a disc, tape or film which contains visual or non-visual images or a copy of any of these.


The Gas Networks FOI Unit will issue an acknowledgement letter to you within 10 working days of your request being received.  The next stages of the process will be clearly explained in that letter.

A decision regarding your request will normally be issued by the Gas Networks Ireland FOI unit within 20 working days of the receipt of your request.

In some cases, an extension of time may be necessary to complete the decision.  If this occurs while processing your request, the Gas Networks Ireland FOI Unit will contact you and explain this requirement.


When the request is for personal information, there are no charges unless a significant number of records are requested.
In the case of requests which relate to non-personal information, there is a charge of €20 per hour for the search and retrieval of records.  There are further charges for the copying of records, as follows:

  • €0.04 per sheet;
  • €10.00 per CD ROM. 

However, there is a minimum threshold of €100 below which no search, retrieval and copying fees can be charged.  In other words, no charge applies in cases where the total search, retrieval and copying charge attaching to a request is €100 or less.  Once the charge is greater than €100, full fees apply.
There is a cap on the amount that can be charged and this is set at €500.
There is also a further upper ceiling limit on estimated search, retrieval and copying fees set at €700, above which Gas Networks Ireland can refuse to process a request where the requester does not refine his or her request.
The Gas Networks Ireland FOI unit will advise you if a charge applies to your FOI request so that you can decide whether to proceed with your request.

Yes.  If you would like to appeal the decision made by the Gas Networks Ireland FOI Unit, you can do so by sending a request in writing asking for an internal review of the decision fo FOI Officer, FOI Unit, Gas Networks Ireland, PO Box 51, Gasworks Road, Cork Ireland with the appropriate fee.  The fee for internal review is €30.00 (€10.00 for medical card holders and their dependants).  This request must be forwarded to us within 20 working days of receipt of our response to your initial FOI request. 

The appeal process will involve a full reconsideration of your original request by a person at a more senior level in Gas Networks Ireland - this is known as an "internal review".  You will receive a response from Gas Networks Ireland within 15 days of receipt of the appeal. 
If, after the internal review, you are unsatisfied with the decision and you would like to appeal again, your appeal should be directed to the Office of the Information Commissioner

Further details will be provided to you in the internal review decision letter.