Licence holder

Gas Networks Ireland holds both Asset Owner and Asset Operator Licences for the Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution networks.

Responsibilities of Gas Networks Ireland

Gas Networks Ireland’s obligations under the licences are extensive and include responsibility for:

  • Ensuring overall standards and performance of the transmission and distribution systems
  • Managing all connections to the networks
  • Providing metering and data services
  • Adhering to system standards and operating security standards
  • Procuring the management of the customer service code, complaints handling procedure and disconnection code of practice
  • Safety matters

Licence obligations

A key obligation for Gas Networks Ireland pursuant to both Licences is the preparation of a long term development statement. Gas Networks Ireland is responsible for preparing a statement outlining the projected plans for the network for the next ten years. The plan outlines the use likely to be made of the System and any plans for changes and/or additions to the infrastructure. Gas Networks Ireland will prepare a revision of the development statement each year, so that it always remains up-to-date. Other key elements of Gas Networks Irelands' obligations under the licences include:

  • agreeing and preparing guidelines and Code of Practice
  • reviewing business procedures design to ensure licence condition compliance
  • monitoring compliance / performance and reporting to the CRU utilising guidance and structures set out in the Licence Compliance Framework
  • regulatory affairs in relation to operator licence obligations
  • a range of other activities, including industry fora, publishing reports, maintaining a Regulatory Code of Conduct and managing remediation of any issues which arise from compliance reporting to the CRU.