April Gas Demand Statement

Gas demand for power generation reached its highest level in six months in April, as wind generation fell to its lowest in nine months.
Over 53% of Ireland’s electricity demand was met by the national gas network, a 4% rise on March, as wind’s contribution to the power supplies dropped to below 24%. At peak times natural gas provided more than 80% of Ireland’s power needs in April.  Wind topped 70% at times, but fell to 0.3% on other occasions.  
At 5.01 TWh, total gas demand was up 9% on April 2020 with the total calendar year to date up 1.5% on last year as almost all sectors experienced significant year-on-year increases in gas demand. 
Several sectors heavily impacted by the pandemic showed strong growth compared to the same month last year, with construction up 168% on last year, heavy transport up 154%, leisure up 146% and manufacturing up 41%, while sectors that remained relatively solid, including pharma, medical devices and food and drink, also continue to grow. 
Residential gas demand is up 2% year to date compared to 2020, reflecting a significantly colder opening third of the year.  Mean temperatures in April were nearly three degrees colder than in same month in 2020 which led to a 22% rise in gas demand for residential compared to April 2020.  
Gas Networks Ireland Head of Regulatory Affairs, Brian Mullins said:
“Ireland’s gas network continues to be the reliable and flexible backbone of the energy system and key to our energy security of supply.
“Gas demand figures for April indicate that we are beginning to see an increase in economic activity.  Most sectors are now performing ahead of 2020 levels in terms of gas demand with only tourism related industries left to catch up.  
“As we have moved into late Spring and early Summer, gas is playing an even greater role in meeting Ireland’s energy needs.  April through to September tend to be the months of highest gas demand for electricity generation as wind levels typically fall off.”