August Gas Demand Report

Gas demand in pharmaceutical and tourism ahead of 2019 levels

Demand for gas from pharmaceutical manufacturing and tourism industries has recovered over the last two months and is now ahead of 2019 levels, according to figures released today by Gas Networks Ireland.

Demand from pharmaceutical manufacturing in August rose 4% on July figures and is up 6% on 2019 figures, while demand from hotels and tourism businesses increased 12.9% month on month, and 6% year on year.

Residential gas demand remained strong in August, continuing the summer trend and finishing up 4% on this time last year.

Gas demand across most other sectors was broadly in line with previous years as economic activity continued to pick up in many sectors. 

A significant exception was construction, which reached normal levels at times in recent weeks, but remains relatively inconsistent.  We have observed a 31% drop in gas usage compared to this time last year.

Gas also supplied just under 60% of electricity generation in the Republic of Ireland during the month of August. Demand was strongest in the first half of the month and as high as 80% at times. 

Gas Networks Ireland’s Head of Regulatory Affairs, Brian Mullins, said gas demand in August was in aggregate in line with what would be expected for the time of year. 

"Most sectors are using energy at the levels we would expect in a normal year, although there is a little more unpredictability with some sectors, most notably construction," Mr Mullins said.

"As we move into the autumn, we would expect to see an increase in demand from educational buildings and residential customers with the traditional heating season coming ever closer."