Brexit Update

Gas Networks Ireland is satisfied that there will be no adverse impact on gas flows due to Brexit, including in a no-deal scenario.  We anticipate no disruption to the importation of gas from Great Britain to Ireland on a daily basis, even in the event of a no-deal Brexit.  This follows extensive engagement over a sustained period with relevant stakeholders including other gas pipeline operators, energy regulators and the Government Departments of Energy in Great Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as EU stakeholders.

Ireland and the UK have successfully operated in a highly connected and interdependent energy system since the early 1990s.  Given the interconnected nature of the markets, all relevant parties remain strongly committed to the continued successful operation of the gas interconnectors and are committed to ensuring that gas will continue to flow under existing arrangements from Great Britain to Ireland, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man – regardless of the outcome of Brexit.

Gas Networks Ireland remains committed to continuing our strong relationships with our stakeholders over the coming months and years to ensure that there will be minimal, if any, negative impact on all our gas customers as a result of Brexit.