Major boost for Limerick’s industrial heritage

Gas Networks Ireland undertakes the safe removal of historic stone archway from former Gasworks site

Gas Networks Ireland, in co-operation with Limerick Civic Trust, local heritage groups and Limerick City and County Council, is preserving a key piece of Limerick’s industrial heritage, a stone archway from the old Gasworks site.  This historically-significant stone archway will be carefully taken down in advance of the second phase of works to remediate the former gasworks site and will be handed over to Limerick Civic Trust for reconstruction at a later date, protecting an important link to Limerick’s past. 

Work now begins on removing the large stone archway, stone by stone and packaging it securely for safe handover to Limerick Civic Trust (LCT). Gas Networks Ireland have engaged an Architectural Conservation expert to record the Built Heritage within the site in advance of further construction works in accordance with the planning conditions. The decision to preserve and move the archway goes beyond the planning conditions and is a commitment that Gas Networks Ireland made to the local heritage community.  LCT will store and later reconstruct this archway at an appropriate location in Limerick.

Commenting on the remediation works John Collins, Project Manager, Ervia says:
“On commencing the remediation process Gas Networks Ireland, on behalf of Ervia, vowed to restore the former Limerick Gasworks Site with an innovative approach that also respected its historical significance. We have worked with Limerick Civic Trust and Limerick City and County Council to ensure that we record the legacy and historical significance of the gasworks site and we further honour that promise today with the preservation of this stone archway.”

Thomas Wallace-O’Donnell, Chair of Limerick Civic Trust said:
“The commitment by Gas Networks Ireland and their inclusive approach to the remediation process has helped record and preserve the architectural and historical built heritage of the Gasworks site. We will find a suitable location in Limerick City to reinstate this Stone archway, as a fine architectural example, and we look forward to the future of this site which is sure to benefit the Limerick community.”

With consideration and appreciation for the historical elements, Gas Networks Ireland has also managed the environmental impact of the site.  Sustainability is a key priority for Gas Networks Ireland and the wider Ervia group. The initial phase of the project has been conducted with a low carbon impact, with the ‘pump and treat’ approach having a significantly lower impact on the environment than other, more traditional, remediation approaches. 

The next phase, being the soil stabilisation works, is expected to commence later in the year. 

While there are currently no plans for the site’s future use, this project will complete the remediation of the site and facilitate its reintegration as a site of great potential for Limerick City.



Recap – Phase 1 works
The first stage of the remediation project involved removing a significant amount of coal tar from the site, a legacy of its use as the site of a gasworks facility from the 1830s to the 1960s, using environmentally-sustainable techniques. The remediation project is now in its second phase. Working closely with Limerick Civic Trust and architectural consultants, the Soil Stabilisation stage contains a commitment to conserve Limerick’s built heritage.

For further details, please contact:
Mary O’Mahony, PR Manager, Gas Networks Ireland                                         
T: 0214534545

About Gas Networks Ireland:
Gas Networks Ireland is the business division of Ervia that owns, builds and maintains the natural gas network in Ireland and connects all customers to the gas network. Gas Networks Ireland operates one of the most modern and safe gas networks in the world and ensures that almost 700,000 homes and businesses receive a safe, efficient and secure supply of natural gas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Ervia is a commercial semi-state multi-utility company with responsibility for the delivery of gas and water infrastructure and services in Ireland.