Gas Networks Ireland highlights MARCOGAZ’s achievements under Liam Nolan’s presidency

Outgoing MARCOGAZ President Liam Nolan, and Head of Technical Development and Technical Training at Gas Networks Ireland, has overseen a period of significant growth and innovation in MARCOGAZ. 

Headquartered in Brussels, MARCOGAZ is the representative body of the European Gas Industry on all technical issues. A key association in Europe’s transition to a cleaner energy future, many of Mr Nolan’s colleagues from Gas Networks Ireland also participate in and engage with the association’s technical groups, working collaboratively to find solutions to the technical and standardisation challenges ahead as we progress to our energy future. 

Two years ago, Offaly born Nolan became the first Irish President in the European association’s 54-year history. 

Under Mr. Nolan’s guidance, MARCOGAZ expanded its influence in providing a platform for the exchange of information on technical advancements. During this time, the association also published numerous pivotal technical papers, studies, and position papers, including a landmark study on the costs associated with repurposing and retrofitting the European gas infrastructure for hydrogen use. A highlight of Mr. Nolan’s presidency was the celebration of MARCOGAZ’s 55th anniversary, marked by a conference in Brussels last summer. 

Mr. Nolan’s term as MARCOGAZ president concluded at the European Gas Technology Conference held in Hamburg-Germany in June, where the association’s new President and Vice President were elected.  

Mr Alexander Schwanzer, Head of Certification at ÖVGW, the Austrian technical association for gas and water, was appointed as MARCOGAZ’s new President. While Mr. Diego Modolell, Head of Gas and District Heating at SVGW, Switzerland’s association of drinking water, gas and district heating supplies, succeeds Mr Schwanzer as Vice President. 

Mr. Nolan warmly welcomed the new leadership, saying: 

 “I extend my congratulations to Alexander and Diego. Their expertise and dedication will undoubtedly guide MARCOGAZ on its mission to lead the gas industry towards sustainability and decarbonisation. I know first-hand their commitment to advancing the industry, serving our members and partners, and contributing to a secure and clean energy future for Europe.”  

MARCOGAZ Secretary General, Manuel Coxe said: 

“On behalf of MARCOGAZ’s Members and the Secretariat, I would like to thank Liam for his commitment as both President and Vice President of MARCOGAZ over the last four years, for supporting the staffing of the Secretariat with highly talented colleagues, and his dedication in representing the interests of the gas industry on a European and international level. Liam and Gas Networks Ireland are playing a key role in Ireland and Europe’s journey to net-zero”.