Gas Networks Ireland amongst 100 companies to launch a Call to Action for a New Deal for Europe

Today, around 100 CEOs, including Managing Director of Gas Networks Ireland, Denis O’Sullivan, made an appeal to join forces for a New Deal for Europe. They want to accelerate sustainable growth, tackle climate change and create inclusive prosperity. Brought together by CSR Europe, the CEOs raise their voice to enhance dialogue and strengthen interaction with politics, civil society and their business & industry peers.

On the eve of crucial elections, about 100 CEOs from a wide variety of companies & industry sectors throughout Europe, are raising their voice for a Europe in which:

  • the rule of law, cooperation between enterprises, civil society and governments are our greatest assets to respond to the public concerns for Europe’s future
  • business uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a driver for sustainable innovation and transformation that create value for society

Speaking about the endorsement, Denis O’Sullivan said, “As a company that recognises the importance of implementing the principles of sustainable development across all aspects of our operations, I’m happy to voice my support for a New Deal for Europe. This call to action brings attention to vitally important issues that are facing society – tackling climate change, promoting sustainable growth and creating inclusive prosperity for all.

Addressing climate change and reducing our carbon emissions is a key priority for Gas Networks Ireland. By 2030 we aim to have 20% renewable gas on our network. Along with other leading Irish companies we have signed up to the Low Carbon Pledge, committing to reduce our Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. It’s important that business, civil society and government come together to engage on these important issues with the aim of bringing about positive change”.

Together, the group calls on companies and industry sectors, civil society and policy, to engage in trust-building dialogues, and to create collaborative platforms and finance models to implement a sustainable circular and digital economy that fosters lifelong employability and social cohesion.

Today, the CEOs Call to Action was voiced through Ilham Kadri, CEO of Solvay at the Brussels SDG Summit organised by CSR Europe. The main theme of the Summit was about Leadership & Engagement and was attended by over 400 business and sustainability leaders, policymaker sand representatives from the civil society.

CEOs Call To Action (PDF 270kb)