Business Resilience in an Uncertain World for discussion at Sustainable Cork Webinar Series

  • Cork Chamber host ‘Sustainable Cork Webinar Series’ sponsored by Gas Networks Ireland
  • Three-part series focuses on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Webinar series provides a forum to build a resilient and sustainable Cork post-COVID-19
  • The third webinar of the series 'Business Resilience in an Uncertain World: How Sustainability Can Help' will feature Dr. Tara Shine, Environmental Scientist and Madeleine Murray, Media Strategist, Change by Degrees
  • Speakers include; Author and well-known Irish Environmental Scientist, Dr. Tara Shine; Madeleine Murray, Media Strategist, Change by Degrees; and Anne Moore, Gas Networks Ireland’s Sustainability Manager

The importance of understanding risk and how businesses can manage it to build resilience in an uncertain world will be the focus on Friday 6 November.

Change by Degrees Environmental Scientist, Dr Tara Shine, and Media Strategist, Madeleine Murray, together with Gas Networks Ireland Sustainability Manager Anne Moore, will convene for the third event in the Sustainable Cork Webinar Series.

Dr Shine, co-founder of Change by Degrees, and recently appointed Co-facilitator of the Structured Expert Dialogue under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, together with her colleague, Ms Murray, will discuss how sustainability can help business resilience in an uncertain world.

Ms Moore will also join as a speaker to provide insights into Gas Networks Ireland’s activities and priorities in increasing business resilience.  

Sponsored by Gas Networks Ireland, the series forms part of the Cork Chamber’s Sustainable Cork Programme which was initiated at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to help set a vision for a more sustainable and resilient Cork, and ensure recovery, development and future planning is done in a sustainable manner.

Gas Networks Ireland is working towards a cleaner energy future for all of Ireland, including the 83,000 households and 3,300 businesses already connected to the gas network in Cork where the company’s headquarters are located.

Ms Moore said Cork was at the heart of many of the company’s sustainable practices and initiatives.

"We are delighted to sponsor Cork Chamber’s Sustainable Cork Webinar Series, which will help businesses learn from each other’s knowledge and insights. Our headquarters and some of our largest customers, particularly in the pharmaceutical and agri-business sectors, are located in Cork and the region is at the centre of many of our initiatives to decarbonise our energy supply," Ms Moore said. 

"I am also thrilled to join Cork Chamber, Dr Tara Shine and Madeline Murray in a discussion on business resilience on November 6."

Cork Chamber of Commerce is the leading business organisation in the Southern Region, representing 1,200 members with a vision for Cork to be the best place for business, empowered by a thriving business community.

Michelle O’Sullivan, Senior Public Affairs Executive and Coordinator of the Sustainable Cork Programme at Cork Chamber, said:

"Cork Chamber developed the Sustainable Cork Programme at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to empower the business community and look to the future at a time of uncertainty. The Sustainable Cork Webinar Series is a key component of the initiative providing an arena to look at key themes in sustainability and resilience building. We are delighted to partner with Gas Networks Ireland on the webinar series to bring together leaders and insight to reset our economy by building a resilient Cork."

To register for the Sustainable Cork Programme Climate Change and Circular Economy webinar click here.