Covid-19: Important information

As the operator of Ireland’s gas network, we want to reassure you that your gas supply is secure and you can continue to use gas as you always have.

Ireland’s gas network is one of the most modern and safe gas networks in the world, and irrespective of which energy provider you use, gas supply will continue in the weeks and months ahead.

We have robust and tested procedures in place to maintain security of gas supply to our customers and to ensure that staff and customer welfare is protected.

Emergency Services and Customer Services for the elderly and vulnerable

Emergency services

There is no change at all to our emergency services. 
If you smell gas please call our emergency line on 1850 20 50 50.
In the event of issues connecting to 1850 numbers please ring 01 920 5050.

Customer services for the elderly and vulnerable

Our Customer Care team remain available to help you on 1850 200 694.
In the event of issues connecting to 1850 numbers please ring 066 710 7342.

If you have a geneal enquiry, you can contact us below. Alternatively, you can visit our FAQ page where you may find the answers you are looking for.

Contact us

Non-essential operations are suspended, including meter readings

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak and in line with advice from the HSE and Government, the company and its contractors has ceased all non-essential activity requiring access to occupied properties.

Please note that this suspension of works does not include works targeted at the continued operation of the gas network, gas emergency work or essential support for vulnerable customers.

Included in the non-essential works being suspended are: non-essential meter replacement, reading of meter located within a dwelling and non-essential service connections.

For more information, please click here.

Submit your meter reading online

In line with the new guidelines issued by the Government on Saturday March 28th, Gas Networks Ireland will cease all work other than that deemed essential for the continued operation of the gas network, emergency gas work, emergency meter unlocking, essential support for vulnerable customers and works in support of other services and industries deemed essential by the Government in the current crisis. For full details click here.

Submit your meter reading online

Call us on our dedicated Dial-A-Read line 1850 427 732

You can keep up-to-date with our latest media releases here.

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Gas Pay As You Go customers

You can top up your credit in any shop displaying the Payzone, An Post or PostPoint sign*.

Credit cannot be bought over the phone or online. We recommend keeping your gas meter topped up given the current situation.

Please note your Pay As You Go gas card can be topped up by another person on your behalf, once they have access to it.

Our video below will guide you through the process of adding credit to your meter. You can also find more information on our Pay As You Go meter page.

*Please check your local outlet is still operating as normal before travelling.

Emergency credit

Once the credit on the meter drops to a low level you will be offered ‘Emergency Credit’. This can be borrowed until you can buy some more credit. When you want to use your Emergency Credit, insert your Gas Card into the meter. When the Emergency Credit is offered, you can accept it by pressing the red Button A.

A decision has been made by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities to offer additional flexibility to Pay As You Go customers at this time, by increasing the amount of Emergency Credit available to €100. To avail of this, you must bring your Gas Card to a Payzone, An Post or Postpoint outlet and have your card vended for this to be made available.

If you have existing emergency credit debt on your meter, this will need to be paid back in full before the new emergency credit limit is added to your meter. Further information is available here.