Why Choose Natural Gas

Choosing the right energy for your home is an important decision. Find out why natural gas is the first choice for over 688,000 homes and businesses in Ireland today.

Experience home comforts with the flick of a switch

With the arrival of Autumn, it’s important to warm your home with a trusted energy source that’s competitively priced compared to other fuels. Natural gas is reliable and can’t be matched for speed and controllability, heating your home significantly faster than electricity.

It also outperforms other energy sources in the kitchen, allowing you to accurately control heat in an instant.

Discover more about the benefits of natural gas below and use our savings calculator to see how much you can save by making the switch to natural gas.

Connect your home to natural gas

Want to switch to natural gas?

It’s easy to make the switch from oil to natural gas. We’ve created a useful guide on the switching process below:

Experience it for yourself

Take advantage of all natural gas has to offer. Call 1850 50 40 60 now or fill in our enquiry form to see if you can connect to our network.

Connect your home to natural gas