Natural gas is cheaper

Save money on your home energy bills by switching to natural gas.

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Natural gas offers significant savings for home energy compared to electricity, oil and LPG (liquid petroleum gas).


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Average prices for all fuels taken from Seai fuel cost comparison for domestic fuels (April 1st 2018) (April 1st 2018).

Ongoing cost competitiveness

The more gas customers we welcome to the natural gas network, the cheaper gas becomes for all users. This is because the unit price reduces as user numbers grow. Demand for natural gas has experienced phenomenal growth in Ireland. The number of natural gas users grew by almost 300,000 over the past fifteen years. And we continue to add more users every day.

Security of supply

A secure supply means less price change for consumers. Gas Networks Ireland owns and operates the natural gas infrastructure in Ireland. We manage the flow of gas from entry points in Scotland, Mayo and Cork. Enabling Irish gas suppliers to use Irish sources of gas reduces dependence on external gas supplies and increases our security of supply. This in turn could have a positive outcome on the price of natural gas.

The Corrib field - an Irish source of natural gas

The first flow of gas commenced in 2015, Gas Networks Ireland are responsible for transmitting the gas from the Corrib field in Mayo into the Irish gas network gas, on behalf of Irish gas suppliers. This new source of natural gas has the potential to meet up to 60% of Ireland's annual gas needs.