Natural gas is more convenient

The no fuss fuel for your home.

Unmatched speed and controllability

With gas cookers and hobs you can accurately control heat in an instant. Central heating with gas is significantly faster than with electricity and with accurate controlability. When compared to electric storage heating, natural gas is a lot more controlable and therefore more efficient.

Never runs out

The comfort and convenience of natural gas is at your fingertips with the push of a button. Experience a constant and uninterrupted supply piped direct to your home. Natural gas is ready to perform when you need it, with no orders or deliveries required.

Free up space

Because natural gas is piped into your home, you can get rid of any bulky fuel tanks. This will free up space in your garden with no need to use or store solid fuel.

No surprise payments

When you switch to natural gas there is no longer any need for pre-payment before use and many utility providers offer easy payment facilities. Now you can spread the cost on a per usage basis month by month with your gas utility provider.