Natural gas is versatile

Use natural gas to power appliances or combine with renewables.

More than a heating fuel

Choosing to switch to gas offers much more than an efficient way of heating your home. Take advantage of the range of appliances natural gas can power in your household. These include cookers and hobs, tumble dryers, real flame fires, outdoor lighting, and barbecues.

Save throughout your home

Gas appliances in the home are highly efficient, especially when you consider that natural gas is cheaper per unit than electricity. So you can enjoy the real fire experience, keep your carbon footprint low, and save on cost.

Renewable technologies with natural gas

For new houses natural gas can be combined with renewable technologies such as solar thermal or photovoltaic panels to meet Part L building requirements. Natural gas as the main heating fuel will ensure a low running cost for many years to come. Renewable gas sources in Ireland, which are in development, will complement natural gas and provide a self-sustaining, clean, green and reliable source of energy, potentially supplying up to 10% of Ireland's gas requirement by 2025 and 20% by 2030.