Case Study:
'A' rated building with natural gas

Improved technologies and improved solutions

When specifying a new development's energy solutions, the improved number and variety of systems creates a dilemma for any developer. Ensuring that you "future proof" the development while keeping pace with ever changing customer preferences can be a challenge. By constantly researching industry developments and choosing award winning technologies to complement the benefits of natural gas, we offer energy efficient, environmentally friendly, 'A' rated, Part L compliant solutions that will keep your customers happy for years to come.



Part L Compliance - Just one of the boxes we tick for the builder

A cosy living room glowing from a lit fire and being able to prepare meals using a gas flame make the difference between a house and a home for most families. That, coupled with the expectations of having instant hot  water on tap and hot radiators at the flick of a switch, is traditionally what we have offered to households and developments.

It’s obvious that bespoke, integrated energy systems are becoming the norm. By integrating solar enhanced water and heating solutions with natural gas products, a system is introduced that satisfies the stringent Part L BER requirements and, while ticking so many boxes for builders and home owners alike, offers an ‘A’ rated solution.



A3 Rated Home with natural gas and solar thermal panels

3/4 Flat plate solar thermal panels

>90% Natural gas condensing boiler

300 litre Solar water cylinder

1 Fan coil radiator with normal radiators throughout the rest of the house

Ventilation  Natural ventilation throughout the house

How it works:

The ideal solution for the builder who wants to meet the part L requirements in a single, simple package using standard construction methods.

The system:

  • The solar array is installed on the roof
  • The pump station delivers solar heat to the hot water cylinder and house
  • An electronic controller automates the entire system
  • Solar energy is delivered to the solar hot water cylinder and can be used in the evening.
  • Furthermore, additional solar energy is delivered to a single fan coil radiator giving low grade “free energy” to heat the house.
  • Standard radiators are used throughout the house as the main space heating system.
  • A simple, user friendly homeowner’s display unit shows the operating mode
  • There are no confusing or complicated control panels, the homeowner simply selects whether to use the summer or winter mode on the display unit.

Benefits of using the solar enhanced heating and hot water system

  • Energy demand is reduced to a minimum level
  • Fully integrates with a natural gas boiler that heats on demand
  • Solar hot water is delivered to the hot water cylinder and also to a single fan coil assisted

Why choose natural gas

The most reliable energy solution

Enjoy a constant and uninterrupted supply with no need to order or schedule deliveries. Piped straight to your house or premises, say goodbye to bulky fuel tanks and storage areas.

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