Gas fires

All the benefits of a real flame fire without the fuss.


Instant real flames

Heat your home and create a beautiful focal point with a natural gas fire. Turn your fire on using a remote control or simple slider switch. You can even program it to turn on at certain times, for example when you arrive home.

Styled to suit your home

Modern gas fires are available in a wide variety of styles and can be custom made or room sealed, with various flue options. This flexibility means that they do not always require a traditional brick built chimney for installation.

Provides continuous heat

Probably the most obvious benefit of using a gas fireplace is that it provides continuous heat. Because the fire from a gas fireplace doesn’t need tending, you don’t have to worry about it dying if you leave and forget it.

Requires less maintenance

Gas fireplaces don’t use coal or firewood, so you don’t have to sweep up ashes or any wood remains. Since you won’t need solid fuel to keep the fireplace glowing, this will mean less work for you. There’s no need to lift, chop, stack, or buy logs or coal.

Easy operation

Gas fireplaces can easily be turned on and off with one click of a switch to warm your room instantly, unlike solid fuel fireplaces that need time to be set up. This eliminates the tedious process of carrying, stacking, and storing solid fuels.

Why choose natural gas

The most reliable energy solution

Enjoy a constant and uninterrupted supply with no need to order or schedule deliveries. Piped straight to your house or premises, say goodbye to bulky fuel tanks and storage areas.

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