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With our exclusive online offer, connect your home from as little as €125. This offer is open until September 30th 2018.*

To avail of this offer, follow these 3 easy steps, which should take approximately 10 minutes to complete:

  1. Check if your address can connect to natural gas & submit your details
  2. On Step 3 of the connection application form, enter your discount code (you received this via social media, online advertising, email or our website homepage. Full list of discount codes here)
  3. Follow the steps 4-6 to complete the connection application at the discounted price
Connect to natural gas with 50% offer

This offer applies to standard domestic connections only. Please see the terms and conditions for more information.

Why choose natural gas

The most reliable energy solution

Enjoy a constant and uninterrupted supply with no need to order or schedule deliveries. Piped straight to your house or premises, say goodbye to bulky fuel tanks and storage areas.

Connect to natural gas with Autumn offer