Vision 2050

Climate Change is one of our most urgent global challenges. Our vision is for the gas network to evolve to become net zero carbon by 2050. In doing so it will  support emissions reductions across every sector of the Irish economy at the lowest cost possible.

A strategy to decarbonise key sectors

Tackling Ireland’s energy and climate challenge will require the use of many technologies. Electrification, natural gas (with carbon capture & storage), renewable gas and renewable electricity sources will all play significant roles. Together they can help deliver net zero carbon gas in key sectors of our economy by 2050.

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The gas network powers our country today. It is a modern and safe €2.6 billion asset owned by the people of Ireland, delivering 30% of the country's primary energy needs and generating over half of our electricity. #Vision2050 #renewableenergy #CleanerEnergyFuture

Gases and gas technologies to deliver Ireland’s net zero carbon network

  • Renewable Gas

    It is net zero carbon, extremely versatile and fully compatible with the existing gas network infrastructure.

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

    CNG is natural gas that has been compressed for use in decarbonising the transport sector. CNG is paving the way for a zero carbon, renewable gas transport industry.

  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

    Captures the emissions from natural gas power plants and large industry preventing emissions entering the atmosphere – the ‘abated’ natural gas is net zero carbon.

  • Hydrogen

    Produces zero CO₂ emissions when combusted and can be blended with natural gas or used in its pure form.

  • Natural Gas

    It emits 40% less CO₂ than coal and 22% less CO₂ than oil.

  • Power to Gas

    Uses renewable electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Working with Ireland's Climate Action Plan

Ireland’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) sets out an ambitious trajectory to address climate disruption over the coming years. We are delighted to share our vision for the significant role that the gas network can play in supporting Ireland’s climate commitments. We welcome the CAP as a living document which will be updated annually.

Vision 2050 Report

Our Vision 2050 report sets out our plans for the gas network to become carbon neutral by 2050 and how we can support a reduction in emissions in every sector.

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