The Industrial and Commercial sector (I&C) is of vital economic importance for Ireland. Gas and the gas network can contribute to reducing emissions by working in partnership with industry.

The challenge

Many I&C customers with thermal heat requirements are actively looking to natural gas and renewable gas as a means of decarbonising. A clear roadmap for the availability of renewable gas is a key requirement for many of these companies in choosing to locate or expand in Ireland.

A pathway to decarbonise industry by 2050

  • 75%

    Industry accounts for 75% of Ireland’s total emissions. Equal to 5.5Mt CO₂

  • 40+

    Irish companies, including large manufacturing and agri-food companies, have signed a carbon pledge to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by 2030

  • 2.7Mt CO₂

    Emissions savings per annum possible by 2050 in the industry sector using the gas network

Why gas?

Why gas and the gas network provide a smart solution to decarbonising industry in Ireland.

High temperature

Many industrial processes such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing require gas to provide high temperature heat.

Corporate social responsibility

Increasing numbers of  multi-national and large I&C companies are seeking to use renewable gas to reduce their carbon footprint.

Onsite energy generation

Generating electricity onsite using gas is an option that is attractive to those with large electricity demands, such as data centres.

Foreign Direct Investment

The availability of renewable gas for large I&C customers is emerging as an important factor in terms of securing ongoing and future investment in Ireland.

A Green Gas Certification scheme will support the growth of a renewable gas market in Ireland. #Vision2050 #renewableenergy #CleanerEnergyFuture

Our vision to decarbonise industry

Converting industry to gas

Convert businesses near the gas network from oil and coal to natural gas. Replacing coal and oil with natural gas provides an immediate emissions reduction. 

Decarbonise through the gas network

Use the gas network to deliver natural gas and renewable gas to these businesses. They will continue to be decarbonised as the gas network decarbonises and ultimately becomes net zero carbon.

What we are doing

Supporting Green Gas Certification (GGC)

A reliable method of tracing and verifying renewable gas origin is vital to provide confidence to consumers, particularly industrial users, that the gas delivered is renewable and can be counted against their emission reduction targets.

Gas Networks Ireland is developing a GGC scheme for Ireland in partnership with other Irish and European agencies. When implemented it will support the growth of a renewable gas market in Ireland.

Read the full Vision 2050 report

Ireland's gas network has the potential to make a significant contribution to reducing Ireland's emissions. Read our vision for a net zero carbon gas network.

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