Gas Networks Ireland publishes findings from its Hydrogen technical and safety feasibility study

In December 2021, the EU published proposals for its Hydrogen and Gas Market Decarbonisation Package, building upon it’s Hydrogen and Energy System Integration strategies published in July 2020. The proposals included plans for gas network operators to get ready for hydrogen / natural gas blends at interconnection points by 2025. Following this, in May 2022, in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it published REPowerEU, setting out plans to quadruple its ambition for renewable hydrogen by 2030. Gas Networks Ireland fully support the EC’s proposals and ambition to phase out fossil fuels and replace them with renewable gases such as biomethane and green hydrogen.

This report fulfils Gas Network Ireland’s obligation, under the Government’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2021 (as part of Action 169 – Develop renewable gas in the gas grid), to ‘Test the technical feasibility of safely injecting green hydrogen blends in the gas network’, with a timeline of Q4 2022.

The findings of the Gas Networks Ireland technical and safety feasibility study on ‘Injecting green hydrogen blends into Ireland’s gas network’, were very positive and indicate that it will be both safe and feasible to utilise the existing gas network to transport blends of hydrogen with natural gas.

Ireland’s gas distribution network is compatible with hydrogen blends of up to 20% and even 100% hydrogen with only some modifications required. The report has determined that Ireland’s gas transmission network is also compatible with hydrogen blends.

Gas Networks Ireland will undertake a programme of materials testing for around 50% of Transmission pipelines in order to maintain the current operating pressures when operating with hydrogen blends above 10%.

Gas Networks Ireland will also undertake some targeted research on certain equipment contained within transmission gas installations and compressor stations. Further detailed research will be required to support the adaptation of large industrial, commercial and power generation users.

The study outlines a proposed Safety and Technical Roadmap and recommends the commencement of a pilot hydrogen blending project on the Irish gas network.

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