Limerick Gasworks Remediation

Cleaning up the former Gasworks site in Limerick.

Background to the project

Gas Networks Ireland is working to clean up the site of the former Gasworks on the Dock Road in Limerick. 

The clean-up or remediation works consist of two phased contracts, namely Phase 1 ‘Pump & Treat’ followed by Phase 2 ‘Soil Stabilisation’. The intention is to remediate as much soil on-site as possible with minimal waste material taken off site.

More information on these works brochure is available in our project brochure at the following link: Limerick Gasworks Remediation Brochure 

A licence to clean up the site has been obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency and planning permission was granted from Limerick City Council.

On completion of the project, the site will be developed in accordance with the Limerick City Development Plan. While there are currently no plans for the site, the aim of the works is to clean up the site and facilitate the reintegration of the site within the city environment.

Progress to Date

The Phase 1 ‘Pump & Treat’ works were successfully completed in late 2017 and during 2018 enabling works were undertaken to prepare for the 2019 Phase 2 ‘Soil Stabilisation’ contract.

What's Happening Now?

Works on Phase 2 ‘Soil Stabilisation’ are ongoing  by our contractor, Murphy International Limited, and are expected to be completed by August this year.
Over ninety percent of the soil has now been excavated, stabilised and reused on the site over the last 12 months.

To find out more please contact the Project Team on (061) 337220 or (021) 4239466 or email

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions in relation to the works is available here.

The soil stabilisation works are carried out in the following way:

  • The soil within the site is excavated up to a depth of approximately 3 metres and any remaining underground tanks removed;
  • The soil is screened and concrete crushed and then binders are mixed into the excavated soil/crushed material producing a stabilised material;
  • This stabilised material is then carefully backfilled in the site, resulting in a solid finish at similar levels to the site prior to this stage.

Week beginning 27th July 2020

The excavation of soil within Tank 11 was completed last week, which means that all soil containing coal-tar to be remediated within the site has now been excavated.

The final steps will be to stabilise the excavated material on the site surface and backfill into the tank before removing some material unsuitable for reuse offsite for further treatment.

Works on site this week:

  1. Screening and crushing of excavated rock and stone material excavated from Tank
  2. Backfilling of crushed material into Tank 11.

An enclosure with mounted odour suppression is in place around these works to minimise  odours associated with this work and sound blankets have been installed around this enclosure to mitigate the noise from these work activities.
As weather conditions and wind direction impact on odours leaving site, we will actively modify our works to reduce the potential to cause odour.

Additional odour suppression
To minimise odours during this phase, the project team have put a number of control measures in place on site.

  • Site works and odour control measures are actively adjusted to minimise the petrol or tar like odour in the area in response to:
    • independent odour measurement;
    • local feedback;
    • varying weather conditions; and
    • wind direction
  • We encourage residents to contact us through our project email or telephone numbers so that we can address their individual issue or complaint as quickly as possible through these adjustments
  • We have erected an enclosure surrounding  the final tank to be excavated, Tank 11.
  • Additional odour suppression equipment has been erected on this Tank 11 enclosure so as to focus odour suppression directly on these works.
  • The use of an odour control system, in the form of a mist, will continue to be noticeable along the perimeter of and within the site while works continue.
    • The mist is made up of an odour neutralising additive that is mixed with water to make a fine mist or spray.  This is then sprayed at the boundary of the site, to assist in minimising odours and dust. Similar to how an air freshener would be used in the home.
    • The odour neutralising additive is non-toxic and biodegradable and not harmful to health.
  • Noise suppression blankets have also been erected on the Tank 11 enclosure to minimise noise impact of the works on this tank

We will continue to keep local residents and businesses updated as the works progress.

How can I contact the Project Team?

If you have concerns or a complaint with respect to the works, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Team:
By Phone:  (061) 337220 or (021) 4239466
By Email:

Text Alerts
We have set up a text alert number to keep you up to date on the weekly works over the remaining weeks
You can register for text alerts by texting LGR to 50015

Email Notifications
You can register for email updates or contact the Project Team by emailing

What Happens Next?

Soil stabilisation works are expected to be completed in August 2020.

Once the Limerick Gasworks site has been remediated, it will be suitable for development in accordance with the Limerick City Development Plan.

While there are currently no plans for its future use, this project will complete the cleanup of the site and facilitate its reintegration to Limerick City.

Further information

For further information contact us on (061) 337220 or (021) 4239466 or email:

The Limerick Gasworks Remediation site is an EPA licenced site (Ref number W0281-0l). Information about the licence, site visits and monitoring reports are available at the EPA offices in Limerick or at The EPA can also be contacted by telephone at (053) - 916 0600 or at