Limerick Gasworks Remediation

Cleaning up the former Gasworks site in Limerick.

Background to the project

Gas Networks Ireland is working to clean up the site of the former Gasworks on the Dock Road in Limerick. 

The clean-up or remediation works consist of two phased contracts, namely Phase 1 ‘Pump & Treat’ followed by Phase 2 ‘Soil Stabilisation’. The intention is to remediate as much soil on-site as possible with minimal waste material taken off site.

More information on these works brochure is available in our project brochure at the following link: Limerick Gasworks Remediation Brochure 

A licence to clean up the site has been obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency and planning permission was granted from Limerick City Council.

On completion of the project, the site will be developed in accordance with the Limerick City Development Plan. While there are currently no plans for the site, the aim of the works is to clean up the site and facilitate the reintegration of the site within the city environment.

Progress to Date

The Phase 1 ‘Pump & Treat’ works were successfully completed in late 2017 and during 2018 enabling works were undertaken to prepare for the 2019 Phase 2 ‘Soil Stabilisation’ contract.

What's Happening Now

Preparation works on the site have commenced in advance of the Soil Stabilisation contract.

GNI is working with Limerick City and County Council to preserve the Built Heritage of the site during these works and as the site is home to a number of structures of historic importance, one of the initial activities is to record and protect these structures in accordance with the planning conditions.

In particular work will commence in March 2019 on removing a large stone archway, stone by stone and packaging it securely for safe handover to Limerick Civic Trust, who will store and later reconstruct this archway at an appropriate location in Limerick.

We do not expect the project to cause any real disruption to the local community, but we will continue to keep local residents and businesses updated as the works progress.

What Happens Next?

It is expected that the soil stabilisation works will commence later in the year.

Contact us

For further information contact us on 1850 211 922 or 061 337220 or email