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Learn about our £200 million in the Northern Ireland gas network.

NI Gas Network Pathway to Net-Zero

Northern Ireland’s Gas Network Operators collaborate on plan for decarbonisation.

GNI (UK) Ltd., a subsidiary of Gas Networks Ireland, has joined with Northern Ireland’s four other Gas Network Operators firmus energy;  Mutual Energy, SGN Natural Gas and Phoenix Natural Gas  to collaboratively launch their plan to fully decarbonise the region’s gas network by 2050.  Published in October 2022, ‘NI Gas Network Pathway to Net-Zero  demonstrates how a strategic and coordinated approach to whole energy system planning is vital to chart the transition to net zero and affordable energy for consumers.   This accessible report sets out how the gas network will transition away from natural gas to renewable alternatives such as biomethane and hydrogen to support Northern Ireland’s emission targets. The injection of biomethane into the Northern Ireland gas grid is expected to commence as soon as 2023 whilst significant work is underway to accommodate green hydrogen by the middle of this decade.   Read the report here.

GNI (UK) Ltd., owns and operates two pipelines in Northern Ireland, the South North pipeline running from Gormanston, Co. Meath to Co. Antrim and the North West pipeline running from Carrickfergus to the Coolkeeragh power station.


Transportation Services

GNI (UK) was granted a conveyance licence for the North-West pipeline and South-North pipeline by NIAUR in February 2002.

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Investment in the Northern Ireland network

We have invested GB£200 million in the Northern Ireland network, with the construction of gas networks linking 10 towns to the upstream network in Scotland. Our activities in Northern Ireland are carried out by a wholly owned subsidiary of Gas Networks Ireland, GNI (UK) Limited. GNI (UK) Limited, registered number 2827969 is registered in England and Wales at 20 Farringdon Street, London, EC4A 4AB.

In February 2002, GNI (UK) (formally BGE (Northern Ireland) was awarded a Gas Conveyance Licence by the Northern Ireland Authority for Energy Regulation (NIAER), to build, own and operate two natural gas transmission pipelines in Northern Ireland. The North-West gas pipeline, from Carrickfergus to Londonderry, serves Coolkeeragh power station in Derry and enabled the development of gas networks along the route. The South-North gas pipeline runs from Gormanston, in County Meath, to Ballyclare, Co. Antrim, where it links into the North-West pipeline. This pipeline created and all-island gas transmission network, connecting the grids north and south for the first time.

Transparency and data publications

As required by Regulation (EC) 715/2009, the transmission system operator shall make public information on technical, contracted and available capacities on a numerical basis for all relevant points including entry and exit points on a regular and rolling basis and in a user-friendly standardised manner

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The emergency number for GNI (UK) Network is 0800 085 8851.


Any queries relating to Gas Transportation Services on the GNI (UK) Transportation System should be directed to the Gas Market Operator for Northern Ireland


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