Retail market messaging

Supporting the automated exchange of data between retail gas market participants.

Retail market messaging GasMaP

Retail market messaging GasMaP (Messaging and Processes) provides an infrastructure which supports the automated exchange of data between retail gas market participants – i.e. providing a link between the IT systems of Gas Networks Ireland, as the transporter, and the systems of the various gas suppliers in the retail gas market. GasMaP is based around a ‘market messaging’ solution, which ensures that all market participants are treated in an equal manner in relation to the processing of market related business transactions. All documentation stored on this site has been approved by GMARG and the CRU and is considered ‘baselined’ (unless otherwise stated).

The purpose of the Market Message Implementation Guide is to assist suppliers in the following areas:

  • The construction of market messages to be sent to the transporter
  • The interpretation of messages received from the transporter
  • Validation rules for market messages and supersedes the ‘Validation Rules’ listed in the individual Market Process Definitions (MPDs)

Market Message Implementation Guide (PDF 4.9MB)

Summary of Changes May 2015

Gas Map Release Summary (PDF 367KB)

MPD1 (PDF 302KB) - Update End User Details
MPD2 (PDF 645KB) - Change of Shipper Details & CoS Cancellation NDM
MPD3 (PDF 260KB) - Request for Historical Consumption Data NDM
MPD4 (PDF 336KB) - End User Assignment
MPD5 (PDF 526KB) - Change of Shipper Correction & Amendment
MPD6 (PDF 447KB) - Registration
MPD7 (PDF 189KB) - Deregistration
MPD8 (PDF 258KB) - Meter Read Information
MPD9 (PDF 177KB) - Meter Read Query Resolution
MPD10 (PDF 115KB) - FAR Daily Values
MPD11 (PDF 166KB) - Shipper Estimate Read Request
MPD12 (PDF 157KB) - Periodic MRS Reporting
MPD13 (PDF 123KB) - Monthly Distribution Billing and Reconciliation
MPD14 (PDF 160KB) - Notification for Read Cycle Updates
MPD15 (PDF 267KB) - Management of Appointments
MPD16 (PDF 342KB) - Creation and Completion of Operational Site Works Request

MPD17 (PDF 232KB) - Cancellation of Operational Site Works Request
MPD18 (PDF 219KB) - Safety Lock Notification and Turn-on Meter
MPD20 (PDF 256KB) - Quotation and New Connection Request
MPD21 (PDF 211KB) - Site Works Inspection
MPD22 (PDF 162KB) - Site Works Invoicing
MPD23 (PDF 244KB) - Creation and Maintenance of Gas Point Address
MPD30 (PDF 264KB) - Gas Debt on Prepayment Meter (PPM)
MPD31 (PDF 271KB) - Prepayment Vending Transaction
MPD32 (PDF 266KB) - Replacement of PPM Token
MPD33 (PDF 260KB) - Financial Statement
MPD34 (PDF 251KB) - Management of Suspense Transaction
MPD35 (PDF 212KB) - PPM Service Provider Shipper Invoicing
MPD42 (PDF 336KB) - Management of Supplier Complaints

Change control process The Market Change Control Process is used to manage changes to the Gas MaP documents that have previously been reviewed at GMARG and approved by the CRU. The Market Change Control Process document outlines the procedure involved in raising a proposed amendment to a document/process. All market participants should familiarise themselves with the process before requesting a change. Templates are provided to assist in the management of the process, and explanations of how to use the templates are included in the Market Change Control Process document itself.