Regulatory Compliance

Gas Networks Ireland is responsible for the development of the gas transmission and distribution systems.

Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) and its subsidiary, GNI (UK), are holders of a number of licences from the regulatory authorities; the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) in Ireland, the Utility Regulator (UR) in Northern Ireland and Ofgem in the UK.


CRU Licences



UR Licence

Ofgem Licences

Note: Standard conditions 10 & 11 are not in effect. They are suspended from operation in the Ofgem licences.

Responsibilities of Gas Networks Ireland

Gas Networks Ireland and GNI (UK) have internal policies, procedures and processes in place to ensure that both organisations can ensure and demonstrate ongoing compliance with their licence requirements.

Gas Networks Ireland is licensed by the CRU to own and operate the Irish gas network.

The purpose of the licences is to place obligations on Gas Networks Ireland to ensure that the network is operated, maintained and developed in a safe, secure and efficient manner and to ensure a high-quality service for customers.

Gas Networks Ireland’s obligations under its licences are extensive and include responsibility for:

  • ensuring overall standards and performance of the transmission and distribution systems
  • managing all connections to the networks
  • providing metering and data services
  • safety matters – preparation and maintenance of a Safety Case
  • the provision of a code of operations – which governs the relationship between the Transporter and the Shippers on the transportation (transmission and distribution) network
  • the preparation of a long term development statement - a statement outlining the projected plans for the network for the next ten years
  • preparing and maintaining guidelines and codes of practice – for example Customer Charter; Vulnerable Customer Guide
  • monitoring compliance / performance and reporting to the CRU utilising guidance and structures set out in the Licence Compliance Framework
  • a range of other activities, including industry fora, publishing reports, maintaining a Regulatory Code of Conduct and managing remediation of any issues which arise from compliance reporting to the CRU.

Regulatory and market arrangements

Liaising directly with industry, the CRU and other interested parties, Gas Networks Ireland is responsible for ensuring relevant legislative and regulatory requirements are developed, implemented and presented to industry. Gas Network Ireland proposes and responds to requests for modifications to the Codes of Operations and associated procedures.

Gas Networks Ireland interfaces with European bodies regarding the transportation framework, including the European Commission, the European Regulator’s Group for Electricity and Gas, the European Association for Streamlining of Energy Exchange – Gas (EASEE-Gas) and Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE). Gas Networks Ireland maintains an awareness of wider national and international developments regarding gas quality, interoperability, standards, legislation and regulation.