Transmission tariffs

The transmission tariffs consist of capacity and commodity charges that apply for use of the transmission natural gas network systems.

CRU agreed transmission tariffs

The tariff calculations are based on the application of the Matrix Reference Price Methodology (RPM), as agreed with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU). The allowable revenue that Gas Networks Ireland earn is calculated to reimburse Gas Networks Ireland's capital investment in the transmission system and also to recover allowable operating costs. Forecast capacities/demands set at the outset of the gas year are based on expected reserved capacity and expected commodity use of gas. There is a 90:10 capacity/commodity split to recover the allowable revenue of each system.

Tariff structure

For the purpose of the calculation of the transmission tariffs, the transmission network adopts a single system approach, which includes a number of entry points into and exit points out of this single system.

A capacity tariff is calculated via the Matrix RPM with respect to each entry and exit point. An entry and exit commodity tariff is also calculated.

Gas Networks Ireland 2023/24 Transmission Tariff Matrix RPM Model

EU Tariff Network Code (Chapter VIII Publication Requirements)

Article 29 of the EU network code on harmonised transmission tariff structures for gas requires that TSOs publish certain information (in a standardised format) relating to the calculation of allowed revenues and the calculation of tariffs.

For information relating to the reserve prices for standard and interruptible capacity products, this can be found in the Gas Networks Ireland Transmission Tariff and Allowed Revenue Decision Paper 2023/24.

Article 29 of the code also requires that Transmission System Operator (TSO) publish information relating to the National Regulatory Authority's (NRA) justification for the level of multipliers and application of seasonal factors, and also information on the probability of interruption for interruptible products. Please refer to section 3.12 (Multipliers and Seasonal Factors) and section 3.11 (Probability of interruption for interruptible products) in the Harmonised Transmission Tariff Methodology for Gas Decision Paper.

Current tariff

The CRU approved Transmission Tariffs for the current year can be viewed below:

Simplified Transmission Tariff Model

The Simplified Transmission Tariff Model allows you to identify how transmission network tariffs are effected by demand and revenue variations.


View the transmission tariffs archive

Transmission Calculator

The transmission calculator allows you to input your transmission entry and/or exit point requirements which will be used to calculate the applicable transmission tariff.

Standardised Table pursuant to EU Network Code on Tariffs

View the Standardised Table pursuant to EU Network Code on Tariffs.