Disconnection code of practice

Find out more about what is covered within the code of disconnection.

What is disconnection?

  • Locking of the gas meter
  • Physical removal of the meter
  • Cutting and capping of the gas service pipe

This code covers the disconnection of a gas supply where:

  • The premises to be disconnected is occupied as a business or home
  • The disconnection is not at the request of the customer

This code does not cover cases of disconnection where:

  • The premises to be disconnected is not occupied as a business or home
  • The customer requests the disconnection
  • Disconnection is necessary for safety reasons to avoid danger to people or damage to property
  • The disconnection is temporary e.g. maintenance; planned outages or outages to enable us to restore supply to other customers connected to the gas network.

It is the responsibility of the gas supplier requesting the disconnection to ensure that adequate consideration is taken of the impact resulting from the disconnection. For the avoidance of doubt. in carrying out a disconnection, we assume that the gas supplier requesting the disconnection has complied with any legal requirement or licence obligation and has acted in accordance with its own disconnection code of practice.

Process of disconnection

Notice of disconnection

The customer is entitled to notice of disconnection in accordance with their gas supplier’s disconnection policy. The reason for disconnection and adequate opportunity to resolve the reason for the disconnection must be provided before the gas supplier requests that Gas Networks Ireland carries out the disconnection.

Informing the customer

When the crew arrives onsite, they will notify the customer in person (where possible) that a disconnection is taking place. If the notification is not possible, the crew will proceed with the disconnection and leave a card notifying the customer of the disconnection. Except where the premises is vacant or the customer refuses entry, the customer will be given the reason for the disconnection (i.e. gas supplier requested).

Handling the disconnection

If the crew finds that a customer is vulnerable on arrival at the premises for purposes of disconnection, the crew has the discretion to withdraw from the premises and notify the gas supplier. Cases of sickness or bereavement will be handled sensitively.


You will need to contact your gas supplier to request a reconnection. The reconnection will be carried out in accordance with the published performance standards of Gas Networks Ireland.From disconnection through to reconnection, updated information can be received by calling us on 1800 464 464.


We will preserve the confidentiality of the customer and the gas supplier.

Code of practice guide

Full information can be found in our Disconnection code of practice guide: