CNG refuelling stations

Our developing CNG refuelling infrastructure.

CNG stations

CNG refuelling infrastructure or “CNG stations” can be public or private stations where you can refuel your vehicle with CNG.

Public CNG Stations

These are typically located in fuel forecourts and are accessible to anyone wishing to refuel an NGV. To establish a new CNG station, a connection to the natural gas network is required. This is provided by Gas Networks Ireland. The gas connection will typically be a low pressure connection, but depending on the station requirements and location it could also be high pressure.

Ireland’s first public CNG re-fuelling station

Gas Networks Ireland and Circle K have launched Ireland’s first publicly-accessible, fast-fill CNG re-fuelling station at Circle K’s Dublin Port premises. The state-of-the-art facility has the capacity to fill 50 HGVs a day with each fill taking no more than five minutes..

This project is co-financed by Gas Networks Ireland and the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility as part of Gas Network Ireland’s Causeway Project. Watch the video to find out more.

Private CNG Stations

These are dedicated private refuelling stations which serve a fleet of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) and represent a company's private fuel depot.

How to get connected to CNG?

Gas Networks Ireland CNG station development

Gas Networks Ireland's ten year vision is for circa 10% of the market of heavy trucks and buses in Ireland to be powered by natural or renewable gas. These vehicles will be fuelled through 70 high capacity fast fill stations, strategically positioned throughout the motorway network. A minimum level of CNG refuelling infrastructure will be required as a result of the Directive for Alternative Fuelling Infrastructure (DAFI).

Of the proposed 70 stations, Gas Networks Ireland is focused on the delivery of 27 public access refuelling stations. These will be located along core urban and regional road networks as set out in the map below.

CNG as a gateway to Renewable Gas for Transport

CNG stations can be supplied with natural gas from the current gas network infrastructure. This will allow for the introduction of renewable gas (biomethane) to NGVs without further conversion, thus providing the transport sector with a completely renewable indigenous fuel source.

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