Renewable gas

The key to a cleaner energy future

Renewable gas is a clean, sustainable and carbon neutral fuel for heat, electricity and transport. It works in the same way as natural gas, coming into homes and businesses through the existing gas infrastructure.

Did you know?

  • Renewable gas has the potential to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 3.2 million tonnes

  • It is well-established with over 17,000 Anaerobic Digestion plants across Europe

  • Renewable gas entered Ireland’s first purpose-built injection facility in 2019

What is renewable gas

The greenhouse gases created by agricultural and food waste emissions can be captured and converted into energy. This is done through a process called Anaerobic Digestion. The output, renewable gas, is then injected into the existing national gas network.

Why renewable gas

Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture represent over 35% of Ireland’s emissions. Renewable gas can help Ireland meet its 2030 EU emissions target, reducing CO2 emissions by 22% annually, without the need to invest in alternative infrastructure.

Renewable Gas will support increased employment for rural communities in Ireland. It will offer diversification of income for farms and community cooperative opportunities. It will also decarbonise the agriculture industry and improve our food production carbon footprint.

With over 17,000 installations across Europe, renewable gas is a viable, proven and well-established energy source. Renewable gas is crucial to boosting security of energy supply in Ireland. As an indigenous, sustainable energy source it reduces our reliance on importing energy.

Ireland has the highest potential for renewable gas production per capita in Europe. Extensive sources of renewable gas are available including organic waste, slurry and grass.

Interview with Ian O'Flynn

Ian O’Flynn, Head of Commercial at Gas Networks Ireland, talks about the opportunity Renewable Gas provides and the problems it can solve over the coming years.

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Ireland's energy needs are changing

Over the next four years, we plan to construct 3 injection facilities in Ireland. These will deliver renewable gas to the national natural gas network, moving us towards a cleaner energy future. We are currently working with Green Generation on the first of these, based in Kildare.

Green gas certification will give further peace of mind to commercial end-users when purchasing renewable gas, find out more about the renewable gas registry here.

At Gas Networks Ireland, we are committed to playing a leading role in decarbonising the gas network and power generation. With the introduction of renewable gas to the network, we are offering energy customers a sustainable, carbon-neutral alternative and contributing to a cleaner energy future for Ireland.

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