Cleaner energy for your business

Natural gas is an affordable, versatile and convenient energy solution

To keep your business moving forward, it's important to find the best energy solution. Natural gas can power your business with clean, reliable energy; all while saving on your energy bills. It is the natural choice for almost 30,000 businesses.

Choose natural gas*

  • 63.5% cheaper than electricity

  • 63% cheaper than LPG cylinders

  • 41% cheaper than bulk LPG

  • 7% cheaper than oil

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Natural gas is always available.

No need to order

A constant supply is piped directly to your business, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Save on space

Because natural gas is piped directly to your business, there is no need for deliveries, storage or bulky fuel tanks. This will free up space in your business premises.

No surprise payments

There is no need to prepay for natural gas, making it easier to manage the cost on a monthly basis.

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Natural gas is a proven, versatile energy solution for Irish businesses.

Multiple applications

It can be used with almost all appliances including cookers and hobs, tumble dryers, real flame fires, outdoor lighting, and barbecues.

For any business type

Whether you manage a high powered industrial plant or run your own small business, natural gas is a secure option and wise choice for your business.

Security of supply

Natural gas allows a security of supply that other fuel types cannot match. Gas Networks Ireland transmits indigenous natural gas from the Corrib field in Mayo into the Irish gas network as well as imports from the UK. Additionally the introduction of renewable gas will reduce the dependence on external gas supplies and increase our security of supply.

Potential for electricity generation

You can use natural gas to generate electricity through combined heat and power (CHP). It is a particularly appropriate energy solution where there is a high demand for both electricity and steam, heat or hot water. CHP can significantly reduce your costs, energy usage and CO2 emissions.

Be part of a cleaner energy future

Today's customers expect businesses to operate in an environmentally responsible and proactive way. Natural gas is a clean energy, it emits significantly less carbon dioxide than other fuels, producing 23% less CO2 than oil and 53% less than electricity, which is better for the environment.**

A sustainable future with renewable gas

As we prepare to introduce renewable gas into our network, your business can be part of moving Ireland towards a cleaner energy future. Renewable gas sources are in development to complement natural gas. Through renewable gas, you can be part of moving Ireland towards a cleaner energy future, with the benefits of an affordable, convenient, secure supply.

*Average prices for all fuels. Source: SEAI Fuel Cost Comparison for Commercial/Industrial Fuels (April 1st 2019)
**Source: SEAI 2017

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