Support for CNG

Our Government’s commitment to providing alternatives for Ireland's energy needs.

Europe Directive on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure

The European Deployment of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive requires that Ireland establishes an appropriate amount of refuelling infrastructure for CNG by 2025. As part of this directive, Ireland must publish a National Policy Framework setting out the number of stations to be developed by 2025. This will ensure a secure supply of fuel for vehicle operators using CNG across Europe.

Fuel Excise Duty

The Irish Government’s Finance Bill confirmed that a set excise duty of €9.36 per megawatt hour will be applied to CNG for the next 8 years. This represents a significant reduction in the excise applied to diesel or petrol. It reflects the Government’s commitment to providing alternatives for Ireland's energy needs. There are tax incentives for CNG relative to diesel: the mineral oil excise duty applied to diesel (€0.479 per litre) is higher than that applied to CNG (€0.053 per litre).

DCENR Energy White Paper

In December 2015, the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources published its Energy White Paper. It outlined areas where the Government intends to support CNG as a transport fuel. To encourage the use of energy efficient and renewable transport fuel, we will:

  • Support zero and low carbon tail pipe emission vehicles through grants and/or tax relief, including electric and gas vehicles which use natural gas and biomethane.
  • Establish a green bus fund to support the purchase of cleaner and greener public transport vehicles in the period to 2020
  • Develop a national policy framework to underpin and support the implementation of infrastructure for alternative transport fuels, including compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and electricity

Vehicle Fund

Gas Networks Ireland is offering a Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fund making up to €20,000 available to businesses towards the purchase of a new Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV). The Fund will make a total of €700k of funding available to transport operators. This will support the purchase of a range of commercial vehicles including trucks, buses and vans powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and is part of a process to promote natural gas as a transport fuel in Ireland. Learn more.

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