Support for Compressed Natural Gas

Government commitment to providing alternatives for Ireland's energy needs

Climate Action Plan

Ireland’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) sets out an ambitious trajectory to address climate change in Ireland over the coming years. The CAP maps a decarbonisation pathway to 2030, with the transport sector, which accounts for about 20% of Ireland’s overall carbon emissions, playing a key role in the national decarbonisation effort. The CAP calls for an increase in the number of CNG refuelling stations in Ireland, including the delivery of the Causeway Study. Further detail can be found on

European Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive

The European Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive aims at a coordinated approach to the roll out of alternative fuels infrastructure in EU Member States. The directive requires that Member States establish an appropriate number of refuelling infrastructure points for CNG. As part of this directive, a National Policy Framework on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure for Transport in Ireland - 2017 to 2030 was published setting out the number of CNG stations to be developed by 2030. This national policy will ultimately increase gas powered vehicle ownership in Ireland, thereby, increasing demand for publicly accessible refuelling infrastructure.

Accelerated Capital Allowance

A tax incentive to encourage companies to invest in energy efficient equipment known as the Accelerated Capital Allowance was introduced in Budget 2018 to support investment in natural gas vehicles and associated refuelling infrastructure. The Accelerated Capital Allowance applies to the total cost of the infrastructure and vehicles and allows companies to deduct the full cost of such equipment from their taxable profits in the same year of purchase; further details are available on

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