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Dial Before You Dig Online - breaking new ground

Gas Networks Ireland has launched a new online version of its Dial Before You Dig mapping service. The new online service, which complements the existing Dial Before You Dig phone and email service, will make it easier than ever to check whether there are underground gas pipes on a site before you commence work. The easy-to-use Dial Before You Dig Online can be accessed below.

Dial Before You Dig Online

Dial Before You Dig service

Digging into natural gas pipelines can cause major disruption, serious injury and even death.  If a pipeline is damaged while work is being carried out you may be held liable to pay pipeline repair costs to Gas Networks Ireland.

Gas Networks Ireland's Dial Before You Dig service provides information, advice and maps on the gas pipeline network.  Before starting any excavation work, it is essential to check for the location of gas pipes by calling 1800 42 77 47 or email dig@gasnetworks.ie.

Business owners

If you’re planning on having improvement work done to your business premises, such as a building an extension, new shop front, new walls or landscaping be aware that gas pipes can run underground.  It is important to check the location of these underground pipes before beginning any work.

If you are employing a builder or contractor remind them to always contact the 'Dial Before You Dig' service at Gas Networks Ireland. The 'Dial Before You Dig' service provides information, advice and maps on the pipeline network.

Locating your gas service pipe

The gas service pipe is the pipe that connects your property to the gas main in the street.

Industrial/ commercial service pipes may not be identified on network maps, but their presence should be assumed.  Generally, though not always, the service pipe to your premise runs in a straight line from the meter box to the street.  The service pipe is usually laid at a depth of approximately 375 mm (15 inches) or deeper.

Steps to check your gas service pipe location

Follow these steps to help determine the approximate position of your gas service.

  • Obtain a natural gas network map from our Dial Before You Dig service to identify the position of the gas main in the street.
  • Locate your gas meter box/ cabinet, property entry point, service riser or gas valve cover.
  • Older buildings may have no visible signs of a gas service.  The service may run underground with the meter fitted inside the building.  In these cases check inside the building to identify the meter location.
  • The service pipe to your premises will normally run in a straight line from the meter box to the street.
  • Remember, if the property has gas, then there is a gas service pipe underground that provides this supply.     

Note: Make sure to use safe digging practices when locating the exact position of gas service pipe.  For further information please refer to our safety advice guide.

Contractors, Landowners and Farmers

If you are planning work in the vicinity of the high pressure transmission network, please contact Gas Networks Ireland on 1800 42 77 47 or email dig@gasnetworks.ie. Gas Networks Ireland can provide assistance before and during excavation/ development activities near the high pressure transmission pipelines.

Contact us

If a gas pipeline has been damaged, please call our 24-hour emergency line immediately on 1800 20 50 50, even if gas does not appear to be leaking.

To order Dial Before You Dig stickers or material for your business, please call 1800 464 464 or email dig@gasnetworks.ie

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Dial Before you Dig

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Award winning Dial Before You Dig service used over 15,000 times

Gas Networks Ireland was acknowledged for its successful Online Dial Before You Dig service, winning the 2020 Esri Ireland Sharing & Collaboration Customer Success Award.

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