Great Island Power Station Pipeline

Background to the project

Gas Networks Ireland designed a pipeline to bring natural gas to Great Island, Co. Wexford, where Endesa Ireland constructed a new power generating station on the site of the existing power station.

The pipeline was taken from the Cork Dublin pipeline, at Baunlusk, Co. Kilkenny to Great Island, Co. Wexford and consisted of a 45km 400mm high grade steel pipeline buried to a minimum depth of 1.2metres.

Pipeline construction commenced in September 2012 and was mechanically completed by autumn 2013. Reinstatement continued into 2014, where weather conditions required.

The project also required the construction of three new Above Ground Installations (AGI) along the route. An AGI site contains filtering, metering and pressure reduction equipment, these are landscaped to blend in with the surrounding area.

Further information

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