Second Interconnector

Background to the project

The Interconnector 2 was identified as the most practical solution to transport additional gas supplies from Beattock, Southwest Scotland to Gormanstown, Co. Meath, Ireland.

The 195km sub-sea pipeline is built from high-grade steel with anti-corrosion and anti-buoyancy coatings.

The project required a wide range of approvals from the jurisdictions of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. It was constructed onboard the Solitaire vessel using an automated welding system, completing up to 8 kilometres per day.

The project also consisted of the following:

  • An 11km sub-sea spur-line, to supply gas to the Isle of Man
  • A 30km on-shore pipeline from Brighouse Bay
  • An extension of the existing compressor stations at Beattock and Brighouse
  • A reception terminal at Gormanstown
  • A 14km pipeline linking Gormanstown with the existing network at Ballough
  • 3 Above Ground Installations (AGI) located along the route

It was completed on schedule in November 2002.