Customer care

We continuously seek to improve the levels of service that we provide on a daily basis to our customers.

Our commitment to our customers

We make every effort to provide our services in a prompt, efficient, and safe manner and to a high standard. We aim to achieve service excellence in all aspects of our business.

Customer charter

Our Customer Charter provides assurances to our customers of our dedication to these commitments. If we fail to meet these standards, we will provide compensation in certain circumstances. Full information can be found on our customer charter page.

Vulnerable customers

We are committed to providing the best customer service possible for all our customers, and in particular, we make specific provisions for those who require special services. Our commitment to customers, registered as ‘vulnerable’ on the Special Services Register, are outlined on our vulnerable customers page.

We will never disconnect the gas supply of a ‘vulnerable’ customer during winter months unless it is for a specific safety reason.We will also contact a ‘vulnerable’ customer or nominated contact in advance of a planned interruption to their gas supply. We have dedicated Access Officers whose role is to ensure that our customers, with a disability, are provided with assistance and guidance in accessing our services and information.

Do you have a comment or query on our customer service?

If so, please email us at and use the words customer service as the subject line.