Apprenticeship Programme


Apprenticeship Programme 2015 - 2019

The Gas Networks Ireland Apprenticeship Programme was launched on 2nd April 2015 by Minister Alex White and will help to ensure we continue to have the appropriate resource mix to deliver on our operational and strategic objectives. The Apprenticeship programme will be the first within the organisation in over 30 years. Gas Networks Ireland initially hired 14 apprentices who commenced training in September 2015.  The programme will run over a four year period. 

The Apprenticeship Programmes will include the following crafts:
• Mechanical Automation and Maintenance Fitting
• Electrical Instrumentation
• Pipefitting

Gas Networks Ireland will partner with SOLAS over the four year programme ensuring our new apprentices are trained to the highest standard. The training will include on-site training with Gas Networks Ireland Technical Training Coaches, where the apprentice will get practical experience on the gas network. This specialised training will take place in our Technical Training Centre. The apprentices will also attend formal classes in the Educational Training Boards, Metac facility and in the appropriate Institutes of Technology. The apprentices will attend ‘Understanding the Business’ modules to ensure they have an appreciation of the entire Gas Networks Ireland business and will partake in personal development training.

On completion of the Apprenticeship Programme, successful trainees will be awarded a Level 6 Advanced Certificate Craft. This is recognised nationally and internationally as the requirement for craftsperson status.

The Current Apprenticeship Programme is now closed for applications.