Safety is one of our core values and is integral to the way that the company does business

An active safety culture

It is our goal that our business activities and assets shall not cause harm to anyone. We invest in the necessary systems, processes and resources to achieve this goal. An active safety culture is continuously promoted in the organisation. Our Company Safety Statement outlines the policy and procedures for the management of the health and safety of employees and others affected by the company’s activities and assets. The Safety Statement is based on national and international best practice guidelines and is reviewed regularly and approved by the CEO.

Safety training and awareness

Advice is provided by an in-house team of qualified safety and occupational health professionals, supported by external specialists. The company has a dedicated training facility to provide health and safety training to Gas Networks Ireland employees. Additional specialist training is provided to staff engaged in safety critical activities.

Communicating our safety culture

Promotion, communication and consultation with staff on safety issues are essential in maintaining and improving the safety culture.

Safety committees

Staff safety committees meet regularly at local level and twice a year at national level to discuss safety issues within the company. These committees are attended by trained employee safety representatives as well as senior management.

Safety Matters newsletter

A safety newsletter, Safety Matters, is produced quarterly to keep employees and contractors informed about safety performance and relevant health and safety issues.

Promotion and awareness activities

Safety awareness is also generated though webcasts, promotional campaigns, a staff safety induction programme, management safety tours of buildings, sites and workplaces; formal and informal meetings between line management and employees; and safety presentations and briefings.

Safety measurement

Gas Networks Ireland recognises that the measurement of health and safety performance is essential in determining the effectiveness of the existing health and safety management systems and in identifying where improvements are required. Key proactive and reactive health and safety performance indicators have been established and are reported on a regular basis to the CEO. The CEO, in turn, reports these figures, on a monthly and annual basis to everyone in the company.

Gas Networks Ireland also measures the safety performance of its contracting partners. We believe that the safety of personnel working for these organisations is as important as the safety of our own employees and the measurement and reporting of these figures alongside our own reflects this.

Safety triangle

Gas Networks Ireland uses the concept of a Safety Triangle to represent its safety performance. At the top of the triangle are the low frequency, high severity accidents; at the bottom are the high frequency, low severity first aid cases, near misses and hazards. It is by reporting and controlling hazards, and by taking action to prevent the recurrence of first aids and near misses at the bottom of the triangle, that we prevent the more serious accidents at the top from occurring.

Contractors’ Safety

Gas Networks Ireland recognises that its contractors and suppliers can have a considerable impact on the overall safety performance of the organisation and that, as a client organisation on projects, the company has a key role in influencing the safety of those actually doing the work. Safety is a key consideration during the tendering and selection of contractors and suppliers for high risk works such as construction projects. Gas Networks Ireland takes an active role in the management, supervision, auditing and inspection of work performed by contractors and supports schemes which promote safety amongst contractor employees.